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Floral Drink Covers, 36 Assorted (CDU)

Keep the Bugs out! Floral inspired silicone lids for mugs, cups and glasses. Retains steam to keep your coffee, tea and other beverages hot for longer. The insulation effect also keeps drinks cold for longer. Seals tight on all smooth rims, prevents spills. Dishwasher safe.

  • Insulates to keep cocktails and other drinks cold for longer.
  • Seals the glass to keep bugs out of your drinks in the garden.
  • Retains steam to keep tea, coffee and other drinks hot for longer.

Item#: VCL139

Pack: 1 CDU

floral drink covers


Lillypad lid
Sunflower Lid
Sunflower airtight lid
Hibiscus Lid
Hibiscus lid
Banana Leaf
Banana Leaf Lid
Cactus Trivet
Cactus Trivet
Violet Overboil Ring
Violet overboil ring
Bottle Stoppers
Sunflower Bottle stopper
Floral Drink Covers
floral drink covers
Floral Coasters
Lilypad Drink Coaster
Floral Markers
Floral Drink Markers