About Charles Viancin

Charles Viancin was born to challenge convention. An inspired designer and entrepreneur, Charles has built a reputation around creating products that reflect his upbringing in the scenic French Alps.

Drawing inspiration from the beauty and functionality of nature, Charles has created a full range of versatile kitchenware essential for every day tasks.

Charles began his nature-inspired journey when he created a watch from the court turf for the French open tournament.

The success of the invention drove Charles to continue to create and dream. In 2003, Charles conceived an idea for a line of culinary accessories that would not only express the beauty of the natural world, but also its essence.

In 2008 his dream became reality and Charles Viancin Group was born.

Like Charles, the line of products is constantly evolving, as will your understanding of their capabilities as you use them. Fun and functional for all of your kitchen activities, these original designs will remind you of one of nature’s most basic truths: the freedom to create.

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